About Us

The founders of VIShopper have been active in the world of architectural visualization for almost two decades. It all started back in 1996 with a small two-man visualization bureau Küberneetiline Karu, a pioneer in viusalization in Estonia. Creating materials for illustrating renderings was always inherent part of our work. In 2004 we started selling visualization materials on different websites. From there on we´ve been constantly imporivng our products, drawing inspiration from our own daily needs in creating visualizations and keeping an eye on the trends from all over the world. 

Although the amount of available material has significantly increased during last years, searching for specific stuff hasn't gotten any easier, even vice versa. So we combined our skills and knowledge of architectural visualization and experience in creating best quality textures and cut-outs. And the result is the website you are looking at. Hopefully users and vendors alike benefit from this new type of visualization accessories database.

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